DOS Kongressen 2020 - Abstract deadline April 15, 2020

Abstracts are limited to 2200 characters (including spaces) in English. Text and author information should be entered into the fields below. It is NOT possible to save partially completed abstracts. Therefore, it is recommended that the complete document be prepared and finalised in a word processor, then cut and pasted into the appropriate fields.

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Experimental study
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Short Clinical Guideline / Kort Klinisk Retningslinje (KKR)

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The competition is only for medical students and younger doctors ie. non-qualified specialist at the abstract submission deadline. You can not participate in the competition if you are a PhD student, PhD or
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Briefly describe the context for the work and explain why this study was needed.

What did you aim to achieve with this study?

Describe the key activities that define the work. For example, provide information that answers questions such as: With whom did you work? How did you identify / select these people? What was your intervention? How did you measure it?

What did you discover from doing this work?

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